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What are our hours?

    Our normal hours are 7am to 7pm monday through thursday, 7am to 8pm friday, 6:30am to 8pm saturday and 7am to 6pm sunday. During the summer we switch our hours on saturday to 6:30am to 6pm and on sunday to 7am to 3pm.

What is the latest I can order a hot pizza?

    We stop taking pizzas thirty minutes before closing time.

How long will a hot pizza wait normally be?

    30 minutes.

Do I have to order party pizza?

    No, we always have red party pizza available.

Do we sell bread?

    Yes, we have italian, sicilian, finger rolls, club rolls, and more per order request!

Do we offer delivery?

    We do not currently offer delivery at this time, sorry for any inconveniences!

What's the difference between calzones and rolls?

    The size. Calzones are roughly around 5-6 inches, and cut into four to 5 slices, whereas a roll is about 10-12 inches, and can be cut into about 10 slices. 

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